Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fly Out of the Darkness Available as Ebook!

In the last chapter of The Marshlanders we left Clare, free at last from the cruelty of Boris, sailing down a bay to take refuge with the Eastern Fisher Folk.  Fly Out of the Darkness, the second volume in The Marshlanders Series, is about Clare's and William's adventures in the north, still pursued by the implacable enemies of their friends and allies. 

I noticed in my fan mail that people are really anxious to read this second volume:
"In The Marshlanders the author has created an entire, detailed world, with a look at all the difficulties and rewards of life in a pre-technical society.  And some of the problems parallel those of our own times! I look forward to the rest of the trilogy!"
         "This is a fine web of a story and now I am fully enchanted! I  hope to read the second and third installments soon."

"From the first, I was hooked into wanting to know what would
happen. The evil was balanced by the good throughout. I particularly loved how the author used history in developing Clare's story~the way of living in the marsh, stories woven into tapestries, and the manner of living together with all of the tensions surrounding the need to cooperate and compete. Her descriptions were vivid. I can hardly wait for the next book!"

   I am publishing this second volume of The Marshlander Series as an inexpensive E book.  It would take another six months to prepare for print publication, and I need to move ahead as quickly as possible with the final draft of my third volume, The Battle for the Marshlands. This is a big book needing polishing up, tightening, and copy editing in its final draft.  My plan is to try for a traditional publisher this time by marketing  it  in the real world fantasy genre.

From the northlands, from Cedar Haven where Clare and William have taken refuge, from Nidden and Dunlin and Twist, the Marshlanders and their allies come together in a final struggle against the merchants, ministers, and military trying to drain the marshes. 

So, enjoy Fly Out of the Darkness by clicking on or    to download it to your Kindle or Nook, I Phone, I Pad or computer, and let me know what you think about William's decision to become a monk, Clare's further sufferings, and the (Panentheistic? Pelagian? Universalist?) theology of my favorite character of all, Father Robin.

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